Premium Support Services Agreement

Whatever your translation and localization goals, Acclaro is here to meet your immediate and long-range objectives. For customers who require a closer, more interactive relationship with Acclaro, we provide premium support services by subscription. The following agreement outlines the terms and conditions that accompany this enhanced level of technical support, collaboration and responsiveness.

Premium Support Services Scope

  • Scope of Premium Project Support. Each subscription is limited to one Acclaro product and supported configuration(s) during the term listed on your exhibit, order form, quote or other written documentation.
  • Additional Premium Support. If you're interested in purchasing additional premium support services (add-ons) during your support term, you may do so with Acclaro's approval. Once we provide you with a quote for your requested add-ons, simply issue us a purchase order referencing that quote. 
  • Support for Third Party Software. If you notice a programming error or issue with a third-party service that interacts with your Acclaro product, our team will coordinate efforts with the third party to find a solution. As part of this process, you may be required to give Acclaro access to any software or information we need to provide assistance. We are not obligated to provide support, maintenance or other services when the third-party product encounters issues unrelated to Acclaro's products. 

Acclaro Premium Support Services

During your support term, Acclaro will provide:

  • Access to Acclaro's product documentation and other resources 
  • Installation and configuration support of our product within the first 30 days of purchase
  • Troubleshooting and technical support related to our product
  • One business day response time


The following limitations and restrictions apply to all premium support services provided under this agreement:

  • Business Hours/Availability. We provide premium support services only during United States Eastern Time business hours, Monday to Friday, excluding Acclaro’s recognized holidays. 
  • Contact Method. Support requests must be sent to
  • Other Restrictions. If we determine that you used, copied, modified and/or distributed the supported product outside the scope of the product license, Acclaro may cease your premium support services without providing a refund or credit.
  • Out of Scope. If we agree to correct any problems or issues not covered by this agreement, you must pay Acclaro for this work at our current standard hourly fee, within 30 days of the applicable invoice date. If we determine you require ongoing help with a particular problem that's not caused by an error or that involves customization of the software, we may refer you to our professional services group for assistance at an additional fee.
  • No End-User Support. You must designate a primary and secondary point of contact for managing support incidents. Acclaro has no obligation to provide support to your licensees, end users, customers or any other third party.
  • General. Acclaro is not obligated to investigate or correct problems that cannot be reproduced by our team. If issues arise due to modifications made on your end or a breach of the software license agreement, you are responsible for finding a solution. Acclaro cannot guarantee that every question, problem, issue or error will be resolved. 

Customer Responsibilities

  • Notice and Assistance. Email all support requests to, along with any relevant and requested information. Please keep us notified of any additions or changes, including any software modifications (regardless of whether they're made by you, a third party or Acclaro). Additionally, please respond promptly to Acclaro requests for additional information or assistance.
  • Updates. You must incorporate all updates as soon as possible to prevent any interruption in Acclaro's ability to provide support.

Term & Termination

  • Term. Acclaro provides the premium support services described in this agreement only during the support term. Your support services will auto-renew at the end of the support term. If you'd like to terminate your plan, you must provide written notice to Acclaro at least 30 days prior to the expiration of your current support term. For your convenience, we will send you an email reminder 45 days before the term's end. 

If we are unable to get the Acclaro product in working order within 30 days of purchase, you may request a premium support plan refund within the first 30 days of purchase.