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What the community has to say:


Sarah Sandführ - Trusted Shops

 “I felt truly inspired by the panel presented and blessed to get the chance to listen to such role models. Thank you so much! #appreciativeinquiry #empathy #peopleconnector #keeplearning”


Shawna McDonald - Google

 "Javi is the most engaging host and brings together such diverse perspectives. I always learn something new when I tune in."


Patrick Chew - Change.org

"I love the emphasis on the 'human aspect' of the LocLife series, especially spurred on by Javi's energy."


Fabiano Cid - OXO Innovation

"LocLife is a breath of fresh air so many webinars and online events. We talk about real life and how every aspect of it can be managed in a more positive way. Keep up the good work!"

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LocLife™: The Online Event Series Hosted by Acclaro

The #LocLifeEvent series hosted by Acclaro brings industry professionals together in a safe space to build on our respective strengths and explore the human side of localization. Panel discussions and special events explore leadership, professional and personal development, and how the industry can rise to the challenges global business faces today — from ethics and sustainability to gender equality, racial equity and more.

We believe our stories and experiences carry meaning and culture — inspiring insight, connecting diverse peoples and creating opportunities for growth. As we share our stories and join discussions, new ideas emerge that enrich our lives and our work. Together, LocLife participants are creating unique opportunities for personal and professional growth and contributing to the greater good worldwide as well.

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