The only professional translation connector available for Craft CMS.

With Craft CMS being one of the fastest growing CMSs available, Acclaro has developed a Craft CMS translation connector that can help you rapidly launch web content into new markets. All of this with minimal IT support and without the hassle of manual copy and paste processes! Conveniently manage multilingual web content and translations from within your familiar content management system.

How does it work?

We offer a stand-alone Craft CMS plugin that allows you to work with any translator or we can help you streamline the website localization process and provide professional translations delivered directly to your Craft instance.


  • Download and configure the Craft CMS plugin
  • Select Craft entries and globals for translation (with 100+ available languages)
  • Receive professionally translated content from Acclaro’s expert team of translators right back into Craft CMS
  • Review, approve & publish translated content